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Whenever I come across a quote I really like when I am reading a book, I have a habit of clicking a pic of the page through my cell. I never understood how to “make use of” all the quotes I collect when I am reading a book. Sometimes I quote a couple in my blog post, and I have recently started tweeting some and sharing a few on my Tumblr. I realized I wasnt completely happy because it just felt so scattered and disorganized.

I thought, why not start a meme just to post all the quotes I loved from a book that I just finished reading? I got this idea from Becky’s blog here.

I have decided to call it “Frame Quotes” because I am going to be … well… “framing the quotes” by putting them all in a single picture. I will mostly be using Photoshop for this. I won’t be doing this for every book, just the books which have some good, perceptive quotes.

Please feel free to join in!  If you do not have Photoshop, you can use any other software like MS Paint, or write it down in a piece of paper and take a picture. Or you can just type. The idea is to “collect” all the quotes you liked from the book in one post.

I would really appreciate it if you could use the Frame Quotes image above and link back to Bookmyopia in your Frame Quotes post. Do drop in a comment with a link to your page. I would love to check out all your quotes!

You can see all my quotes here.

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