Does blogging influence your decision to/not to DNF a book?

If you don’t like a book, you DNF it, else you don’t. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, that’s how it used to be for me (and I rarely DNF’ed books) but ever since I started blogging, I have found myself increasingly influenced by my blogging schedule/interests when I have to decide whether to DNF a book or not. Here are some simple (and some slightly convoluted scenarios) :


1I am reading a book. It is one of those big, fat ones with lots of pages and heavy prose. I love big, fat books which are slow and difficult to read but I am 60% into this book and just don’t have a good feeling about it. But I have already dragged my feet for more than two weeks trying to get through this book and was already set on reviewing this book for my blog. I don’t have any other post scheduled for this month. So, this review was supposed to “save” this month of blogging for me. So, what do I do??? I do not DNF the book.

2I am reading a book borrowed from the library. I get books in my mail – wins from giveaways hosted on other blogs, signed and personally shipped by authors. I am not obliged to review them, and even if I decide to, there is no deadline. But I feel guilty about my weird obsession to enter giveaways and hoard the books. Plus, it is in the spirit of giveaways to review and promote the books. So, what do I do? I DNF my library book.

3I am reading a book. It is part of a book tour. I don’t like it much and I am pretty sure I will be giving 2 or 2.5 stars. You aren’t supposed to give less than 3 star ratings if your review is part of a tour. The book isn’t great but it is the kind of book I might have tried to finish and review it just to critique it, because the book reads like a poster child of “How not to write characters/plot/dialogues/world”.  But, I have to wait till after the tour and by that time I would not be in touch with all my immediate thoughts about the book, would have forgotten all the specific references and moreover, I have another review signed up later (for another tour). So, what do I do? I DNF the book.

4 I am reading a book. It is a good book, but I am not “in the mood” to read further at the moment because .. well, I am just distracted about *real life* . I may or may not review it after (if) I finish it. But it has an insane amount of buzz on my twitter feed. So, irrespective of whether I review it or not, I want to finish it, just so that I can read all the reviews/thoughts on other blogs and comment. So, what do I do? I do not DNF the book.

5 I am reading a book. It is a genre that I haven’t read much in the past. I don’t like the book, but I am confused about why I don’t like it. Is it because the book isn’t great or is it considered a good book in its genre but I don’t get it? Well, how would I know? I don’t enough reading experience in that genre to judge. But, isn’t one of the reasons I like blogging is that I get to – broaden my reading preferences by occasionally stepping out of my comfort zone – and – review different kind of books? And if I don’t read enough books of that genre, how would I know the “good” books from the “bad” ones later? So, what do I do?  I do not DNF the book.

6 I am reading a book. I do not like it. But it is an ARC. That I requested/won. From a big publisher. So, what do I do? I do not DNF the book.


Have any of you felt compelled to DNF/not DNF a book based on reasons that have nothing to do with the book itself?? Would love to hear from you guys..



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